NDS has honed its innovative model of public defense for nearly 30 years and shares its expertise with those seeking justice across the globe.

Just as NDS has become a voice on the national stage for legal reform, the office has also taken its holistic method to the international stage.  Partnerships with organizations such as the International Legal Foundation and Fair Trials International have positioned NDS to apply lessons in progressive public defense, the contract model and collateral consequences to new public defense systems in developing countries.

As important as the best practices that NDS champions are the damaging policies that new systems should avoid.  American practices like money bail are being adopted wholesale around the world and NDS has been a voice of reason to make sure that countries are aware of the harmful effects that certain U.S. policies can have on underserved communities.

NDS leadership has consulted in places like Nepal and Afghanistan and been on speaking panels in Tbilisi and Buenos Aires.  The office regularly partners with international organizations on projects to bring legal representation to post-conflict areas of the world and provide guidance on expanding the rule of law.