This week, NDS Detroit Managing Director Chantá Parker spoke with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Stephen Henderson about the arrival of world-class public defense in Wayne County.

Henderson hosts American Black Journal, which airs on Detroit’s PBS affiliate. He sat down with Parker and Wayne County Executive Warren Evans to discuss the decision to bring NDS to Wayne County, and how our holistic defense model is already creating space for our clients to thrive.

Parker emphasized the particular importance of public defense among communities of color. “Detroit is an interesting place to bring this model because of the amount of black folks who live in Detroit and Wayne County,” she said. “At every step of the process, black folks and people of color are more likely to get the worse end of the stick. For me, as a black woman, to be part of bringing this robust holistic representation to a community that so desperately needs it…that’s exciting and important to me.”

Watch the full video here: